English II

Welcome to the class page for English II. Please make sure you check this site daily in order to access class agendas, homework calendars, and other helpful resources. Class materials/handouts can now be found on Google Classroom.

English II will focus on building students’ reading and writing skills through the use of different genres of literature and for a variety of purposes. This course fulfills one year of the State of Illinois’ “writing intensive” requirement. (Source: MCHS 2019-2020 Curriculum Guide)

English II Agendas 2019-2020

Semester 2

Julius Caesar

Background Materials

Julius Caesar - Play


Unit Poems

  • "Look Up" - VIDEO
  • "Stereo Hearts" - VIDEO
  • "A Red, Red Rose" - VIDEO
  • "The Seven Ages of Man" - VIDEO
  • "O Captain, My Captain" - AUDIO

Modern Poetry / Spoken Word Poems for assignments

  • "Daddy Issues" - VIDEO
  • "A Jewish Girl and a Muslim Girl" - VIDEO
  • "Movement: Minor Disturbance" - VIDEO
  • "Shots Fired" - VIDEO

  • Thesis Statement - Notes
  • Thesis Statement Checklist - Handout

Writing Links

  • Owl Excelsior Writing Lab - Link
  • Harvard Writing Center - Link
  • Turnitin.com - Link
  • Owl Purdue Lab - Link